My wife Sue and I are in Byron Bay, waiting out the Covid-19 lock-down until family and friends can join us. Shouldn’t be long now. We’ve attached a bird box to our garden palm tree, and it has attracted attention from kookaburras, parakeets and, would you believe, two ducks. Over time I’ll try to capture some of their visits.

Kooka waits below the bird box

Who will decide this is home? We want baby kookas!

Amazon Link

Greetings good readers. I hope you are well and doing amazing things. Here is a link to buy Without Warning on Amazon

Amazon US

As you will see, that is amazon.com. I’ll post the amazon.com.au link as soon as it is available. All the best.

Without Warning available

Without Warning will have it’s virtual launch soon. The book is already available for purchase, via Feather Knight Books. The adjacent BUY THE BOOK NOW button links to their website. Happy reading.

Haircuts in Lock-down

I’m a bloke, so going to the barber is not a big deal. I make an appointment or walk in off the street, and twenty minutes later I walk out $20 poorer and lighter on top. Simple.

But not if you’re determined to take the Covid lock-down seriously. I looked at hairdressing tools online ten days ago, and decided on a Remington kit for about $70. It was super exciting when it arrived; I had to charge the unit for 24 hours before the show could start. Since I was as shaggy as a long haired dog, I could hardly wait.

My wife Sue put the Remington to work yesterday. It’s a very effective tool and the result was…interesting. I advised on technique and comb size; 4mm up the sides; 7mm over the top; taper near the ears. Trim the neck. How hard can that be? Sue followed my instructions explicitly. Big mistake.

If I get locked up and sent to jail now, they won’t have to give me a prison haircut, they’ll tell me to grow it out. Turns out there are secret techniques known only to barbers. Also, I shouldn’t give advice on things I know nothing about.

Prisoner 4mm7mm signing off.

Without Warning Book Launch Cancelled

The Without Warning launch is cancelled, but the book publication is alive and well. I made the cancellation decision because I did not want to put a group of people I cared about at risk.

Editing of the book is complete, and we are targeting the printing for April 17th availability of the paperback. You can order through Featherknightbooks.com. The digital version through Amazon should come out around the same time.